Bohemian Renaissance is a free magazine that will offer a venue for new and emerging writers and artists. It will target people waiting in airports or bus stations, dining alone or in libraries. It will be available in any place it is welcome. I believe that written word with its beauty should be tangible, with the smell of ink, regardless of available electronic media. The written word will never need batteries or internet hookups as long as there is print.

It will attempt to objectively promote and showcase original works that often struggle to find validation by the customary means and routes.

Today, too many entertainment corporations are unwilling to take any risk on original works. Hollywood is a prime example. Of late, there are remakes of every 1970’s weekly series. They make major motion pictures from these tired ideas, disdaining original works that are submitted to them in favor of a quick profit and little outlay of investment as they most likely already own the rights to the material.

This is a formula that works, but there is no growth or new blood on the table. In this venture, Bohemian Renaissance will endeavor to find and reward real original works. Never has it been more necessary for arts to establish a place to experiment and find value. Arts are the substance that society’s history is carried on, for archaeologists do not go on digs hoping to find great spreadsheets of ancient successful businesses. They find the very essence of the civilizations in the arts, stories and lives of the antiquities they excavate.

Bohemian Renaissance will encourage the next generation of readers, writers and artists while emphasizing good grammar and syntax. It will involve local schools in writing contests based on originality and content, rewarding winners with both publication and prizes. We hope to address the growing neglect of the younger generation in the niceties like reading and being able to write a sound idea or letter for future professional careers.

The magazine will initially be published quarterly. The business structure is a non-profit. We happily accept and solicit donations of time and monies, utilizing grants from individuals and organizations. Advertising is available.

Please mail any donations to: P.O. Box 652 Hiawassee, GA 30546

Submissions should be sent to the attention of the editor at All genres are welcome, as well as all types of media and art.